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Healthy prostate function

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Acta Medica Sas, Gy. Falkay and Gy. The hormone level was 8. Values for normo and pathospermic patients showed no significant difference.

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In normo and hypospermia the hP level was higher in the ejaculate than in blood plasma. There was a close correlation between the hP and fructose levels of the ejaculate, while the correlation between healthy prostate function and testosterone levels in the ejaculate was not highly significant.

There is a certain relationship between the plasma hP and testosterone levels and the sperm count.

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Introduction The human pituitary proteohormone, prolactin hP has attracted the interest of investigators for four decades. For measuring its effect biological assays, like the dove-crop test, have been developed, but reliable determination of the substance had to await its separation from STH and its radioimmuno­assay [7, 10, 12].

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Some of the basic characteristics of the hormone are known [5, 11] but its physiological role in males is not understood. Peyre et al.

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Danutra et al. Alger et al.

PSA-total Prostate Specific Antigen, total in Thambu Chetty Palya, Bengaluru

Sheth et al. The same team found that in human semen the prolactin concentration was 4—7 times higher than in peripheral blood plasma, and that with good motility and higher sperm counts the hP concentration increased in the sperm plasma [16].

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According to Tolis and van Yliet [17] hypogonadism, weak sexual drive and a low peripheral plasma testosterone level are common in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. Acta Medica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 34,